Strawberry Cream Cheese Birthday Cake

My birthday is in four days!!!


How did it come so fast? (We still have decorations from last year’s party up)

Cake 4

I’ve made the same cake (or subtle variations on it) for the past four or so years, and never once has it failed me. So, I thought, why not share it with all y’all? (Haha, is that correct Southern grammar? I live in Illinois.)

Anyways, there are three components of the cake: cake, cream cheese frosting, and berries. If you skip any of these, you might as well not make the cake. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

cake 3


(^^^It’s so purrrrdy!!!)

Also, I should warn you that this cake—or the frosting at least—is not very healthy. But still, it’s my birthday, and I eat what I want!



Hehehe… did you understand that reference??? (Or that one?)

Cake 2

Ready? Let’s get to it!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Birthday Cake


For the frosting-

  • One tub (7 0z) marshmallow fluff
  • 2 8-oz blocks cream cheese, room temperature

Directions: Bake the yellow cake, and let it cool overnight or for a few hours, at least. To prepare frosting, process the two blocks of cream cheese in a food processor. Scoop in the contents of the tub of marshmallow fluff and process again until smooth. (I have a small food processor—3.5 cups—so I had to make mine in two half-batches) When cake is cooled, transfer both to two separate plates. Flip one of the cakes so the bottom (flat side) is up. Spread the frosting all along the top (which used to be the bottom). Place the other cake, right side up, on top of the other cake. Frost the rest of the cake, including the sides. Thinly slice strawberries and place them on the frosted cake as desired. You can also add blueberries. Chill for 4-5 hours or eat right away. (Store leftovers in the fridge.)

Cake 1


cake 5



Yayyy!!! Make sure you guys make this and tell me how you like it! I seriously love this cake, and YOU WILL TOO!



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