I’m Not Dead I Promise

Hey guys!

Sooooo…. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. But I promise, I’M NOT DEAD. THIS BLOG IS NOT DEAD! I just have two words: Finals. Just kidding that was one word. But the point is… Hazelnuts and Bolts will be back soon! Tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL this year, so I will probably post tomorrow late-afternoon or Thursday.

Oh yeah! I was also thinking about doing a few thoughts-about-life posts to add to the “Bolts” part of Hazelnuts and Bolts. IDK…. just an idea. Anyways you can look forward to a normal post in a day or two! If you look forward to that kind of stuff that is.

Meanwhile: Did you know the only successful winter campaign against Russia was by the Mongols? ***The more you know!!***



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