DIY Bracelets (No Clasp Needed!)

Do you know what frustrates me about DIYs?

done 2

done 7

Very rarely can you make a DIY project (especially the ones with things you “already have lying around”) without having to go to the store to buy something. This always seems to be true with jewelry; I never have any of the clasps or supplies required to make anything!

done 4

done 6

This easy bracelet takes less than 10 minutes to make and is completely customizable. You can use whatever kind of beads you want! Best of all, no fancy supplies are needed. All you will be needing to make this bracelet is…

What You will need


That’s it! Lets get beading, shall we?

step 1

step 2


step 3


^ I just realized that it’s supposed to say “these” not “this”

step 3.5

step 4

step 5

step 5.5

done 1

DONE! Whaaaaat? Yeah, that’s it! Five steps, 3 materials, and not even 10 minutes! I was honestly a little surprised by how easy this was, so now I have two bracelets.

done 3

done 5

^Awkward wrist poses



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