DIY Hair Bow


Aren’t these adorable?

Not to mention they’re much cheaper than what you can buy from most stores today. They’re also completely customizable!



So skip the trip to Claire’s or a different boutique and make these hair bows yourself!

DIY Hair Bow 

You will need:



  • Two colors felt (or stiff fabric) of choice
  • Scissors
  • Two pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Hairband
  • Thread


Cut out a rectangle in one of the felt colors of choice. This will become the body of your bow.

Cut out a skinny strip of the other felt, slightly taller than the length of your rectangle.

Cut out two very shallow V’s, one at the bottom of the rectangle and one at the top


Pinch together the points/vertices of the two V’s together with your fingers.


Using the two pins, pin the pinch in place.


Thread your needle and sew the pinch in place. Remove the holding pins.


Wrap your skinny piece of fabric around the middle so that the stitches are covered up. Sew the strip in place.


Take your hairband and place it on the bow. Sew the hairband to the back of the bow.



Knot and cut the string and you are DONE!

So whaddya think? Pretty fancy, huh? And this entire thing takes less than 5 minutes!

Side note: Did you like the first two pictures of this post? I took them using a homemade photo box! I roughly used this tutorial. Tomorrow I’ll post more pictures I took with it!



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