Welcome to my blog, Hazelnuts and Bolts (I almost spelled that wrong. My own blog name. That would be a very not-good first impression). I started this blog mainly so I could ramble about the things on my mind, which will mainly consist of crafts and [healthy] food recipes! I genuinely love to make things, whether it be food (mostly healthy desserts), clothes, drawings, or stuffed animals. I will write more about that kind of stuff on my “About Me” page which will undoubtably be soon established.


The name “Hazelnuts and Bolts” (which I am exceedingly proud of myself for coming up with) is a sort of a word-play on “nuts and bolts,” since I wanted my blog to be food AND craft centered! Yes, my logo is supposed to be like Nutella since I LOVE Nutella (even though I really never eat the store-bought stuff. I usually end up making a kind of healthier version which I think tastes even better). I pondered several different blog names, but none of seemed to to click… until today, June 28, 2014!

I have no idea if my blog will every have more than four daily readers or be considered “successful” but I’d like to give multiple thanks to many people (or not) anyways… God, my family, my friends, the creators of Pinterest (inspiration), the creators of WordPress, the writers of all the blogs I love, and of course YOU, dear readers! Without all of these people I probably wouldn’t have been encouraged to pursue my interests! So thank you for all that you have done, even though you may not know it.

Welcome again, and thank you for stopping by!





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