Coconut Chocolate Chia Granola



chocolate coconut chia granola 2

So there I was, not at all procrastinating doing my AP Euro homework (ha) when I decided, out of boredom, to look in the pantry. (Of course, I most definitely NEVER eat when I am bored. Out of the question.)

Me: Why is there so much coconut?!?!





chocolate coconut chia granola 1

So then, in typical high-schooler fashion, I decided to throw all of my academic responsibilities out of the window and FOOD. And you guys? I’m so glad I did because OH MY GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN THIS STUFF TASTES LIKE THE TEARS OF SWEET BABY JESUS, except I’ve never tasted baby Jesus’s tears, but whatever.

The point is: if you want some freaking delicious granola and/or are looking to procrastinate at your responsibilities (which are undoubtably LESS IMPORTANT), MAKE THIS.

chocolate coconut chia granola 3

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Pecan Pie Truffles (No-Bake!)

So basically, the cutest things ever.

pecan truffles 1

Hellow (oh boy I can’t even spell hello right) readers! I know I’ve horribly neglected this blog ever since school started. My classes this year seem to be way more time-consuming than last year, but I will try to make an effort to post!!! And that effort is starting with… PECAN PIE TRUFFLES!

pecan truffles 4

pecan truffles 3

Fun fact: I think I’ve only ever had one slice of pecan pie in my life.

I know, it’s kind of sad. It tasted really good, but something about the texture was too weird for me. But it still tasted really good! So today I threw some stuff in a food processor, and BLAMMO- now we can all enjoy nicely-textured pecan pie truffles together. (Cheers of happy children in the background)

pecan truffles 2

So! Let’s get started!

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Apple Cinnamon Cake (One Bowl!)

So… school.


Apple Cinnamon cake 1

School is booo because:

  • Homework
  • Study
  • No time for friends
  • No time to post!!!



Cinnamon apple cake 2

School is good for one thing though: it means FALL IS COMING!!

(Collective yays ensue)

I love everything fall. Who doesn’t?? Cold, pants, sweaters, boots, apples, cinnamon…. Ahhhhh. I think those last two might have been the result of me staring at the picture above, because it’s not like you can’t have apples or cinnamon in the summer. But still! It’s FALL.

Cinnamon apple cake 3

This cake (which I had originally intended to be soft-batch cookies, but see how that turned out) is super fall-y and delicious. I mean fall-y like the season, obviously. Not like it makes you trip and land painfully on the ground (though warning: it might actually make you do just that) I mean autumn-y. Understand??


Umm… yeah. So. Let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Birthday Cake

My birthday is in four days!!!


How did it come so fast? (We still have decorations from last year’s party up)

Cake 4

I’ve made the same cake (or subtle variations on it) for the past four or so years, and never once has it failed me. So, I thought, why not share it with all y’all? (Haha, is that correct Southern grammar? I live in Illinois.)

Anyways, there are three components of the cake: cake, cream cheese frosting, and berries. If you skip any of these, you might as well not make the cake. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

cake 3


(^^^It’s so purrrrdy!!!)

Also, I should warn you that this cake—or the frosting at least—is not very healthy. But still, it’s my birthday, and I eat what I want!



Hehehe… did you understand that reference??? (Or that one?)

Cake 2

Ready? Let’s get to it!
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